04 February 2011

{ texas snow} family

Has Texas ever had some crazy weather this week! We've had lots of ice and snow. I don't think anyone predicted we'd get so much snow last night! It was quite beautiful though. Just very, very cold! I'm always seeing photo shoots in the snow, and I have to say, I do get a little jealous that we really don't have that kind of opportunity to shoot in here. Until today! So first thing I thought of this morning is that I have the perfect place in mind that I want to go take photos at, but didn't want to drive on the slick roads. Thankfully, my husband drove me over there. He knew I was debating it and said he'd better go ahead and drive then spend more time having to come rescue me. Unfortunately, he was probably right, for once. So we went over there for a very brief time and took some quick photos.


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