13 November 2011

{ stacy & jimmy } denton family engagement photographer

Stacy wanted to have her engagement photos taken at the TWU Gardens in Denton with Jimmy and their two children. The second part of their session was just Stacy and Jimmy and we went to a location just off the Square. What a beautiful, extremely kind family! They are the kind of people you just click with! Makes my job super easy! Clinton and Chloe had everything else on their mind besides taking photos, but I still managed to capture a few good ones of them! Stacy was a pro at modeling and I think Jimmy became just an accessory in a few of the pictures (but a great one at that)! Thank you guys for being so patient with me during the second part! I think it paid off! Those are some of my favorite photos!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic pictures of a beautiful family. The kids are darling!

Anonymous said...

These are so awesome Rachael! Thank you so much for helping us make memories.

Patricia said...

Fantastic photos of some neat people! Go Stacy!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Rachael was great and very patient with the twins one of whom just wanted to chase squirrels everytime she saw one. Thanks for making such great memories.

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