15 March 2012

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Okay, so I originally told myself that I was not going to be using this blog for personal posts, but I continually seem to be putting personal stuff up (and I've probably said that before). I do enjoy sharing my photos and experiences and have come to enjoy blogging. Not necessarily the writing part of it though. But it is fun. Besides, there will be lots of bridal sessions and wedding posts coming up. I better get in some personal posts while I have the chance!

So this past weekend we took a little weekend trip up to Oklahoma City and drove a ways both East and West on Route 66. I think we were both a little surprised how run down and abandoned everything was. But it made for lots of fun exploring and taking pictures! There were a few times I had both eyes open while photographing areas.

Our first stop was at Pops in Arcadia on Route 66. Spencer enjoyed posing by the rather large soda pop statue.

Next we stopped at the  Red Round Barn. The roof on the inside was pretty cool.

We headed on down Route 66. We came across a small town, Luther, Oklahoma. I'm not really sure why we stopped there, but it was fun to explore around here. Lots of abandoned houses that were great to photograph. It was quite the ghost town. This is one of those times I had both eyes open...

There were a few neat vintage hotel signs still standing. Of course, I made Jarrod stop so I could take a picture. The Shoe Tree was an interesting road side attraction.

We had both always wanted to go to the Oklahoma City Memorial. It was beautifully done and they hand out brochures explaining the layout. We spent a great deal of time at the museum as well. It was very touching and there were some parts that were just too much for me, but I am glad it is something we did.

On the last day we were out there we went to Fort Reno. We didn't have tons of time to explore there, but we did have fun going through the Chapel. I love the front doors of the Chapel. Just beautiful!

And a pit stop at Turner Falls on the way home.


Anonymous said...

My favorite pictures are the ones of the cute little boy.

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