19 June 2012

{ natchitoches, destin, + new orleans } vacation

I previously posted a beach session I made my kids do (can be seen HERE). Yes, I MADE them. Only one kid is ever willing to have their photo taken, the other is getting there with practice. So this post is about everything else. We took a road trip to Destin. We stopped in Natchitoches on the way there and we spent a few days in New Orleans on the way back. Destin was just beautiful! I must say, we will definitely have to go back! Natchitoches was a fun small town and New Orleans was fun to explore as well. Here are a few of my favorites from the trip...

We spent a good afternoon exploring a neighborhood in the Upper Ninth Ward. It was devastated during the flooding of Katrina. We were taken by surprise how  forgotten the neighborhood feels.


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