06 July 2012

{ matt & kelciekay } fort worth photographer engagement session

Oh my, be prepared for image overload. Couldn't help myself though! I really, really love some of these images! Of course, they were taken at my second favorite time of the day, so that might have a little something to do with it. Matt and KelcieKay rocked their session! They were brave enough to get up at the crack of dawn and model for me! I know how hard it is to be happy and into the "zone" in the morning as I am SO NOT a morning person. My husband is probably shaking his head and agreeing with me as he reads this. But they really did great. Thanks guys for being so awesome and going along with my ideas! Congrats to you both!

Fort Worth Wedding Photographer

Fort Worth Wedding Photographer







Anonymous said...

Yall are the cutest couple! im so happy for you guys! Matt you are so lucky she is beautiful! God bless you guys and your marriage

Sarah Beth Miles said...

You are crazy amazing!!!!!!

Rachael Pacholko said...

Thanks Sarah!

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