23 July 2012

{ tara + steve } dallas magnolia hotel wedding photographer

Tara and Steve were married recently at the Magnolia Hotel in downtown Dallas. They had a beautiful ceremony amongst their friends and family. I had never photographed an area with colorful up-lighting before, and I must say, this is a definite must to liven up an indoor space! Over the time I have begun photographing weddings, I have also learned that it's not just about standing on the side lines and taking pictures. I have become an advice giver (only when asked of course) to brides, a pro speed eater, and I often am helping out with some sort of problem of the dress or bustling. I enjoy every aspect that being a wedding photographer entails though. And I am thankful to the brides who have listened to my advice and taken it to heart. Even though it may be just a simple question as should I wear this or should I wear that? Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from Tara and Steve's wedding...


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