13 March 2013

{ dallas wedding photographer } for jekris & louise

Jekris and Louise had a beautiful Dallas wedding at Winfrey Point on White Rock Lake. They held their ceremony close to the house on the lawn under a tree. With the Dallas skyline to the left and White Rock lake all around, you couldn't ask for more beautiful scenery. It was pretty chilly out that evening though! Jekris and Louise are two very incredibly talented and kind people. Jekris made their wedding invitations himself via video (which is also how he proposed to Louise)! You'll have to take a look! It'll be the first thing below, just hit play!  They both wrote their own vows, which were absolutely incredible! I tried to tune it out and focus on taking pictures so I wouldn't start bawling. I had to share Louise's amazing vows...

"A girl waits her whole life with dreams in her eyes for the day her prince comes. It's written in our DNA. I can't tell you how many silent prayers have poured from me, longing for a counterpart. And here you are... wrapping me in your love, your family, your name. Looking for where to sign and speak for all nearly six feet of this quirky white girl. I didn't know being chosen felt like this. Like unmerited kindness. Like Christmas. Like finding home. You are a balm to my heart. Your integrity, your faithfulness, your kindness... patience. The way you think. I love your mind. I love your nearness. I love the way you honor others when you talk about them. I love you tender heart. And the way you pretend to speak Chinese. I love you, Jekris.  From the top of your shiny black hair to your island guy tsinelas. Today, held by God's own faithfulness,  I give you my yes. To be yours and no one else's for as long as we're both on the earth. To love you well. To honor and respect you. To submit to your leadership. I know there's a learning curve, but I want to take that curve with YOU. I'm setting my heart to love you as the church is called to love Jesus------- and committing myself into God's hands and asking him to make of me a wife for you that makes him and you smile. My heart, my love, my body, my life and my commitment--I join wholeheartedly- to you." Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness... Here are a few of my favorites...

Watch Me! from fudgenizzle on Vimeo.

Dallas Wedding

Dallas Wedding Photographer

Winfrey Point Wedding at White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake Wedding

White Rock Lake Wedding

Dallas Outdoor Wedding Venue

Dallas Outdoor Wedding Venue

White Rock Lake Wedding at Winfrey Point

White Rock Lake Wedding at Winfrey Point


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