26 July 2013

{ Vacation - Paris } Part 1

It's been a struggle to go through all the vacation pictures I took. Personal pictures always take a seat on the back burner until I have have a minute to sift through them. I took a whack at it tonight! I decided to break the pictures into three parts, since our vacation was broken up into three parts really. That way it's not too long either. The Switzerland one might be really difficult to keep short though.

My husband had to go over to the Paris airshow for work and we decided I'd meet him out there when he was done and we'd take a vacation. It was nothing short of absolutely amazing. We started in Paris and spent a few days there. Went to Interlaken, Switzerland for a few days then back to Paris again for another few days. Here's a few from the first few days in Paris...

My wonderful husband, Jarrod. We were debating in partaking in the goofy tourist poses that were going on all over the place. 

The Louvre. We would have like to gone in, but considering the crazy amount of people and long lines, we decided to go exploring. We love to explore! Although, it's crazy easy to lost there. Thankfully for GPS on the iPhone! I think we still walked in a few circles though!

Our hotel room window view and the key to our hotel room. They made sure you don't lose it!

We came across so many beautiful cathedrals walking around the streets. 

I found it quite amusing that the street were so chaotic looking in places. There were bikes, mopeds, electric bikes, motorcycles, cars and buses all riding in the same area! I was thankful I did not have to drive over there!

The third day we were there, we woke up and went straight to the train station in Paris to take the high speed train to Switzerland. I'll tell more about next post.


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