30 July 2013

{ Vacation - Switzerland } Part 2

So the high speed train ride to Switzerland was quite interesting. Never thought I would have needed to bring dramamine along, but I really could have used it on this ride. Switzerland was absolutely breathtaking! I just love nature and immediately fell in love with it and the mountains. We stayed in Interlaken, which is nestled in the Alps between two lakes, for a few days.

See, I was actually there...

I loved the contrast to what it looked like in Paris. There was lots of color everywhere.

Lots of people paragliding off the mountains and into the field in the middle of town.

We climbed a little ways up Harder Kulm Mountain. The tracks are for a train we took the next day to get to the top. They are a little over a hundred years old. Oh, and there seemed to be random tubs in the hills in a few places that we came across. 

View looking back into town from a low point on Harder Kulm.

We hiked from town out to Lake Thun. 

We stumbled on an old castle on the hike to the lake, Ruine Weissenau.

Lookout point on Harder Kulm. Elevation: 4, 337 feet

Flan was just okay, but the raclette was amazing! We actually ate that a few times while in Switzerland. It was melted cheese over big hash browns and sometimes consisted of a few other things, like ham or an egg.  

It cleared up a bit that evening and we could see Jungfrau.

On our last full day there, we took a trip up into the Mountains. We wanted to make it up to Klein Scheidegg. It took two train rides, a gondola ride, and a two hour hike to get there.

Wengen. Elevation: 4,180 feet

The only vehicle I saw there. The streets are about as wide as a double sidewalk.

This was on the gondola ride going up to Mannlichen, looking down on Wengen. Yes, that is a pool. Who goes swimming there?! WAY to cold!

View one minute...

View a second later...

Mannlichen. Elevation: 7,687 feet. We got all the way up there only to find out that the hour hike path that we were to take was still closed from the winter season. We were at a loss on what to do because the last train down the mountains from Klein Scheidegg leaves at 4 and we did not know how long the other route to get there was. Plus, it was marked for experienced hikers. So, we finally decided to take the hike. We were so thankful we did. It was absolutely amazing and the views were beautiful. The pictures don't do it justice. Oh, and we were completely not dressed for the occasion. 

Base of Eiger. I wish it would have cleared a minute so we could have seen it.

We were so excited to see the hotel in the distance (on the left side). BUT, this actually became the hardest part of the hike. In between us and the hotel was a nice hike down and a steep hike back up. It was a killer. We were stopping every 10 steps or so.

We were very close to Klein Scheidegg when the clouds really started rolling in.

Klein Scheidegg. Elevation: 6,762 feet. This is Hotel Bellevue. We had a late lunch there and dessert.

It was pouring outside on the train ride down the mountains. So glad we didn't start our journey any later that day then we had.

Train station headed back to Paris.


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